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Техники за бродиране - филм (Native beading techniques)

The attributes of the so-thought-of 'common' glass bead held important cultural associations for many Natives: the form resembling a seed or berry, the clarity and hardness of natural crystalline minerals, the polished surface reflective like water, not to mention the associations of certain colors. Working under French direction, in 1524, Verrazzano's confusion is demonstrated: "They do not value gold because of its color; they think it the most worthless of all, and rate blue and red above all other colors... the same was true for metals like steel and iron, for many times when we showed them some of our arms, they did not admire them, nor ask for them, but merely examined the workmanship", and further "The things we gave them that they prized the most were little bells, blue crystals, and other trinkets to put in the ear or around the neck" (in Wroth: 1970).

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