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War shield - Steven Lang

War Shields were undoubtedly the most coveted item in a warrior’s arsenal. It held his personal medicine, his spiritual totems and it was his protection manifested. Upon having a vision, which revealed the source of his protection, he would seek a holy man to interpret that vision and to paint and decorate his shield. The warrior would offer horses, eagle feathers or what ever else the holy man required as payment. Here, two young Blackfeet warriors are about to leave on a war party against the enemy and are seeking a final protective blessing upon their War Shields from the Holy Man. Steven Lang


(Told by John Blunt Horn)

In the moon, when the leaves fall, in the year when many stars fell, a war party of twenty men went on the warpath against the Pawnee. A small orphan boy wanted to go with them, but as he was only nine years old, they refused him at first. He begged them so to go that they finally consented, and he went with them. They were all armed with bows and arrows except two men who had guns they had traded for with the Hudson Bay Fur Company.

Shield Bearers - a woman society among Dakota

The earliest source on the Kat'ela Wacipi is Clark Wissler, "Societies and Ceremonial Associations in the Oglala Division of the Teton Dakota." American Museum of Natural History Anthropological Papers, Vol. XI, Pt. I: (Pp. 1-99):

Mato - The Bear spirit

The Mato, the bear is the first medicine man, they know the roots and plants. When a bear is sick he will go dig up a medicine and eat it. To the Lakota the bear has great power and strength. The Bear Spirit (who is of the tobtob : good spirits) and has great wisdom was able to protect the people. The Bear Spirit was responsible for giving the people medicine to heal their sick, there were also bear dreamers who doctored the sickly these doctors were the Mato Wapiya. In old days there was a special lodge with sacred bear designs only the bear men could enter. The Bear Spirits that came to the people were known only to the bear men and their names were kept secret, as their names were too sacred to be spoken, the Mato Wapiya would prepare amulets and medicine bags for families and these provided the family protection,health, and long life. These medicine men were the surgeons of our time as they could perform surgery, set bones, or repair broken bones and ligaments. The bear doctors took care of the worst injuries. Before doctoring they painted their body and put on their sacred bear robe.These men would also prepare war shields with their special designs of the bear given in dreams.The last known Bear Doctor in the Pine Ridge area we knew of was a man named Looks Twice. However, many medicine men still know this medicine and have the bear bundles; tobtob the bear still comes to help doctor sick people.

Звънтящата Скала (Bell Rock)

Звънтящата Скала, на англ. Bell Rock или на езика кроу Biitawuásh (ок. 1842-1932) е признат за най-големия сред кроу носители на лула (военен предводител) от бизоновите времена. В документите и литературата има твърде оскъдна и противоречива информация за този велик военен лидер. Според Робърт Лоуи Звънтящата Скала принадлежал към клана Uu'sawatsi'a (Те донасят дивеч без стрелба). Според мнозина кроу той бил kambasaa'kaace – „най-висш сред живите хора, превъзхождащ всички във военното дело”, дори при положение че точната сметка показва, че Многото Подвизи (Plenty Coups) имал 25 dákshe (първостепенни ку) срещу 24 на Звънтящата Скала. Някои информатори сочат, че Звънтящата Скала предвождал 11 успешни похода срещу девет на Многото Подвизи, което му дава по-висок статус.

Ken Smith's Art

The battle of Point Pleasant

The Battle of Point Pleasant - known as the Battle of Kanawha in some older accounts - was fought on October 10, 1774, primarily between Virginia militia and Indians from the Shawnee and Mingo tribes. Along the Ohio River near modern Point Pleasant, West Virginia, Indians under the Shawnee Chief Cornstalk attacked Virginia militia under Colonel Andrew Lewis, hoping to halt Lewis's advance into the Ohio Valley. After a long and furious battle, Cornstalk retreated.

Love is something you and I must have - Chief Dan George

“Love is something you and I must have. We must have it, because our spirit feeds upon it. We must have it, because without it we become weak and faint. Without love, our self-esteem weakens. Without it, our courage fails. Without love, we can no longer look confidently at the world. We turn inward and begin to feed upon our own personalities, and - little by little - we destroy ourselves. With it, we are creative. With it, we march tirelessly. With it - and with it alone - we are able to sacrifice for others."

Chief Dan George (1899-1981)

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