четвъртък, 16 май 2013 г.

David Yorke's art

Clear and present danger
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Autumn reflections
Bear Brave


Creek Indian

Daughter of the Sioux

Fire of the Great Spirit

Hail and Lightning

Independent and free

Many Colours

Medicine Prayer


Observance of  Blessings

October's hunt

Pawnee warrior

Prayer to the Buffalo

Profile of a warrior

The Final touch

The Light Within

Vanishing trail

Western Apache Warrior

Wisdom of his Father

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  1. Es una serie de estampas, llenas de colorido, con matices que son inherentes a cada guerrero, bien sean sioux, comanches o cheroques, resultando un todo histórico y cultural.

  2. Paper Genocide: with the stroke of a pen, or the click of a mouse Native American Indian ancestry can be suppressed on government records.

    Paper Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction of Native American Indian culture, language, and identity as a unique racial group by way of the illegal and oppressive race reclassification imposed on Native American Indians or "Blood Indians" to the Non-Indian races of Black/African American, White, or Latino/Hispanic.