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Songkeepers - филм за ролята и значението на флейтата

Five distinguished traditional flute artists — Tom Mauchahty-Ware, Sonny Nevaquaya, R. Carlos Nakai, Hawk Little John, Kevin Locke—talk about their instrument and their songs and the role of the flute and its music in their tribes.

SONGKEEPERS is an exceptional visual and aural representation of the Native American flute's evolution. This is achieved through the exceptional music, scenery, historical content and compelling words and flute performances of all the artists. The deep, insightful comments from everyone in this film stir the emotions and truth within the heart and soul. To hear the true meaning of the flute and its traditions from the individuals who are living it, is truly extraordinary and awesome. SONGKEEPERS fills the void in the flute information link. It reveals the truth of what the flute was and what it is today. The ending of this film, in particular, leaves the viewer in a deep and profound silence, overwhelmed by the presence and depth of feeling that the Native American flute invokes from all who play and speak about it.

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