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If Only I were an Indian - documentary

Becoming a Native American in the Czech Republic from Radek Wamblisha on Vimeo.

Един филм, който препоръчвам на всички, интересуващи се от индианското движение в Чехия, Словакия и Европа въобще. 

If Only I were an Indian 

Directed by John Paskievich.
Winnipeg: National Film Board of Canada, 1995. 80 minutes.

 "A group of Czechs and Slovaks, disenchanted with both communism and its aftermath, gathers in a field to build and live in teepees, create and smoke peace pipes -- to get in touch with the North American aboriginal way of life and live it. When three aboriginal elders from Manitoba go to visit them, a film crew documents the trip and thus If Only I Were an Indian is born."

"The prophecy stated that our people would suffer under this domination of the white people. And at that time the world would have been in such a state that a lot of things were destroyed, that white people would come to the Indian and learn about the ways of our people. . .

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